The higher OOP layer for graphic applications

Welcome to Merlin Project's site!

This project is intended to realize a C++ library that make easier programming graphic application helping the Coder to care about not amazing things like events dispatching, z-order and so on. If you spend less time to do boring things you have more time to program the relevant (and to live, something says...).

Now take just some minutes and read about Merlin, if you like what you read download and try, watch the examples. And give me feedback. You hate this library? Spit it out! You think it's great? Well, you've just some problems...

NOTE: the project on sourceforge is named SDL_Merlin becaus in the beginning it was intended to work only with SDL, now the idea it's to create a layer indipendent (so you would use GLX, SDL, GLUT, DirectX...).

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