The higher OOP layer for graphic applications

GenLIB is a template and subroutines' collection needed by higher libraries like Merlin.

To know how to use GenLIB read references and watch tests.

This in a short overview of what GenLIB includes:

to handle exceptions, there are macros to throw with a command an exception, the macro will tell the compiler a message (defined by you), the name library, file, function and line where the error occured.
cVector, cList
nothing exceptional, just a my implementation of theese know alghorithms.
cStrictEnum, cStrictEnumGroup
I think it's important to use typesafe. You can't declare a not valid enum with this template. It's useful to substitute the C flags tradition. I.E. if you want to use some flag in C you will do something like this:


where FLAG_* are macros that indicates a const int. Well it's may be not so good.... I can pass also the number "345" or any other number it's not accepted. But you can use another system to take inputs, cStrictEnum and cStrictEnumGroup: I.E. using theese templates:

enum_a + enum_b + enum_c

or enum_a

In this way you CAN'T pass bad valors.
cInfoServer suppose there are some instances of various classes (of the same) that have to share some informations. Well you can use cInfoServer. With this class you can say:

store this information with this code

I.E. const int dimension = 100; const int weight = 101; cInfoServer info; info.set(dimension,100); .....

Obviuosly any class know cInfoServer can retrieve the information.

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